Cat in arms

Show Your Pet How Much They Mean to You by Having Our Exotic Pet Care Experts Stop By Daily

Both your pets and home are taken care of when you choose Critter Sitters Plus as your pet sitting service! We look after your property while also making sure your furry family member receives exceptional treatment from regular walks to fresh water every day. Contact our domestic and exotic pet care company today in Pueblo, Colorado, for sitters who pride themselves on honesty and integrity for your pet and home security needs.


Paw Print Our Home Security Services:

  • Take in Mail & Newspaper
  • Alternate Lights
  • Open & Close Blinds
  • Turn Radio & TV On & Off
  • Handle Emergencies
  • Water Plants & Yards

Paw Print Tender Loving Care for Your Pets:

  • Provide Fresh Food & Water
  • Administer Any Medication
  • Private/Mid-Day Dog Walks
  • Playtime with Their Favorite Toys
  • Daily Grooming
  • Scoop & Change Litter Box
  • Maintain a Clean Eating Area
  • Veterinarian Trips if Needed

Paw Print The “Pluses” of Critter Sitter Plus

Make sure all your domestic or exotic pet care needs are met by turning to Critter Sitters Plus. In addition to basic in-home care services, we also specialize in extra treatments to guarantee your pet receives exceptional care. If you travel, work long hours, or are elderly and unable to exercise your pet, we ensure your pooch gets the walks they need for optimal health. This includes mid-day walks to not only prevent accidents but also give your pet the chance to run around and play.

Our exotic pet care experts look after all types of animals. These include, but are not limited to:

• Cats & Dogs • Parrots • Cockatiels • Farm Animals • Horses • Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs

Paw Print How Does Critter Sitters Work?

  • When you call Critter Sitters Plus, a complimentary initial consultation will be arranged. We are not an impersonal visiting service. All of our first time clients have a free in-home visit from Rhonda Mitchell – Owner, to introduce me to your pets (are we compatible?) and to discuss your exact requirements for both your pets and your home.
  • Get detailed instructions.
  • Pick up your house key.
  • Upon Your Return
  • Pet Sitter will return your key.
  • Make sure you and your pet are satisfied.
  • Pick up your payment.